I just learned that he loves movies with proper language like pride and prejudice.

Been crazy busy with work and life. Expect some posts tonight

Dress Problems

So I went to David’s Bridal today and I was less than ecstatic about the whole trip. Everything seemed so off from the consultant to the dresses to finding something I liked and could afford. I felt pressured into choosing this one that wasn’t all that bad but it didn’t feel like the one. I liked half of it and the girl said I needed the pick up skirt and it helped but the bottom was messy. Plus I was being stared at by all these girls and even the consultants looked at me as if I was not good enough to be in there. Even in the pictures I looked off, I felt ugly and fat. I wanted to hide and be in my glasses. This is not normal. I choose the guy but I can’t commit to a dress…..

Bridal Bootcamp!

Today I went to Zumba and to my CXWORX class for my core strengthening and it was amazing. It is probably my favorite class. I wish it was longer than 30 minutes!